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What digital marketing insights does an agency need?

Insights illuminate, expand our minds, help us to understand and inspire us to do great things.

But what is an insight, anyway?

An insight is: 

  • An unrecognized fundamental human truth.
  • A new way of viewing the world that causes us to reexamine existing conventions and challenge the status quo.
  • A penetrating observation about human behavior that results in seeing consumers from a fresh perspective.
  • A discovery about the underlying motivations that drive people’s actions.

An insight is NOT:

  • Is not data.
  • Is not an observation.
  • Is not a customer wish.
  • Is not a statement of need.

The fundamental challenge for an agency is to turn knowledge into an insight. Managing omnichannel campaigns for clients can result in a lot of data. Ordering and giving context to all this clicks, likes, visits and conversions can become a hard task.

Every platform has its own rules. Its own language. In order to make any sense of them, we must first “normalize” them. So we can do “oranges with oranges” comparisons. Here is where Digivizer comes handy. It allows agencies to plug all these different platforms and automatically make sense of all this mess.

Good Digital Marketing Insights

There are various indicators that can lead us to interesting insights. With the right tools we can gather valuable information that can help us shape the bigger picture and get our desired knowledge objectives. Here is a list of some good insight-friendly indicators:

Pay per Click Ad Performance

Nothing is free and ads certainly are not. To check out your performance statistics you have to log into each platform and export data to be consolidated in something like Excel. 

Not anymore with Digivizer, since it integrates competing ad platforms like Google Ads, Facebook Ads and Linkedin Ads in a clear and unified dashboard.

Here you can track KPIs like impressions, CPM, engagements, clicks and CTR to have insights about how your paid accounts are performing alongside each of them.

Search Trends

Daily online searches tell us about what is on people’s mind at the moment. We can use a tool like Google Keyword Planner or Ahrefs Keyword Tool to gather monthly search volumes. That way we can see a comparative overview about lots of different keywords.

Now, we can also take a peek about keyword searches by time ranges with Google Trends. This is a great tool that helps to get insights about the demand for products or topics over time. In this chart we can see that the American public is forgetting about Taylor Swift… 

Social Follower Count

Being able to compare followers vs engagement ratio for each of your social accounts side by side is a valuable insight. Because it allows you to see which of your businesses are more “socially attractive” and plan accordingly with new strategies for each of them.

In this example report, there are various social accounts compared. Mexired (marketing training) has a good number of followers (page likes), but Fluffyholica (natural parenting) has more engagement despite having fewer followers. We can suggest that the former account could benefit from doing more social engagement:

Trending Content

Another good source of data to get insights is to see what type of content people are sharing the most. This information gives us a look at the zeitgeist (spirit of the times). 

BuzzSumo is one tool that can help us identify which articles are the ones that have the most shares and engagements. This data is super-useful to see what topics people are interested in right now.

Influencer performance

You know this is the thing. Nobody trusts ads so much these days. With the help of influencers, you can spread your message in a more organic way. People like influencers, they trust them. 

With Digivizer you can track influencer performance in a very simple way. Just go to the “earned media” tab and you can see all the users and posts mentioning your brand:

Involve your Influencers

Your influencer campaign can become more transparent and meaningful when you invite influencers to your “Brand Space”. A brand space is your digital workplace inside the Digivizer app. By inviting influencers they can see the statistics and be more involved in the project.

To invite influencers just go to the brand space page and enter the email account of the influencers in the influencer field:

Wrapping it all up

As you can see, having data for data’s sake is meaningless. The only way you can exploit it is by giving it context and some order. Good data flows into good thinking.

Working with disparate platforms can be a real challenge. It is quite helpful to have tools like Digivizer that let you leverage data and consolidate it automagically.

Running an agency is tough. But with the right tools you can get tougher.